eBPF-based network
and app visibility

Transparent visibility into network and applications, without sidecars.
eBPF-based network <br/>and app visibility

Cloud Native Observability

Application Monitoring

Self-service metrics access to app teams enabled by RBAC-based monitoring. Monitor http error codes without changing the app or impacting the cluster.

Sidecar-free Tracing

Gain critical insight into network events together with app level telemetry by forwarding flows to OpenTelemetry sidecar-free. Access distributed tracing, metrics, and logs, without the complexity and performance impact of sidecar-based approaches.

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Service Map

Enable platform teams to provide self-service portal to app teams to observe their own workloads, dependencies, and flows to identify the services connecting to other services and the service calls being made.

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Golden Signals

Cilium's observability gives application teams a holistic view of their workloads, enabling them to monitor their golden signals to adhere to their SLAs and OKRs.

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Global Metrics & Visibility

Gain visibility across clouds, clusters and premises - independent on the underlying infrastructure.

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OpenID Connect Cilium

OpenID Connect Cilium offers app teams a multi-tenant self-service access to the connectivity data associated with their kubernetes workloads.

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Advanced Network Protocol Visibility

Get deep insight into protocols, enforce protocol aware security policies level based on your findings. Secure TLS, gRPC, Kafka, DNS and HTTP including all the API endpoints exposed with them.

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Runtime Visibility

Enable app teams with access to rich data streams, thereby providing network flow visibility and the health of service connectivity and enabling app layer issue investigation.

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Cilium Timescape

Cilium includes Timescape, an observability and analytics platform to store & query observability data such as network flows, syscalls, audit events, and much more.

What our customers say

We expect that an organization running Cilium & Hubble could tentatively reduce their agent footprint, SIEM ingestion, and enterprise EDR costs by relying on Hubble’s process logging in place of said environment’s prior EDR solution.

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