eBPF-based networking and load balancing

Connect workloads across clusters, clouds, and premises.
eBPF-based networking and load balancing

Cloud Native Networking

High Performance Networking (CNI)

Enabling network operators to abstract and manage the cloud native network, including on-prem integration with BGP and overlay networking compatible with Cloud SDNs.

Scalable Load Balancing and Ingress

Cilium brings a kube-proxy replacement for enhanced traffic management, enabling maglev-supported load balancing on L3/L4 for N/S traffic, but also E/W, including DSR and transparent k8s ingress controllers.

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Multi-cluster Service Discovery

Seamlessly connect your kubernetes clusters together with Cluster Mesh while enabling cross-cluster service discovery.

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On-prem Integration

Integrate external workloads with your data center and connect cloud native with legacy environments while supporting BGP.

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Bandwidth and Latency Optimization

Optimize your bandwidth and latency with rate limiting and fair queuing. Rely on our TCP congestion control algorithm automization.

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Multi cloud and Hybrid cloud

Cilium is designed to enable portability across multi-cloud and hybrid clouds and provide developers with observability and security.

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Network Tap and Mirroring

Cilium allows network operators to mirror packets and collect PCAPs in a distributed environment, simplifying the integration with an existing IDS.

Transparent DNS Injection

Providing multi-cluster aware service discovery by transparently injecting DNS for filtering, authorizing, and adding caching services.

Advanced Network Analytics

Enabling a global view from workloads to the clusters running underneath them via real-time and advanced network analytics. Support troubleshooting with key metrics up to the protocol and error code level.

What our customers say

Datadog logo
Cilium is a critical part of the Datadog network stack as it provides consistent Kubernetes networking across cloud providers as well as performant and secure communications, thanks to eBPF.

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