Golden Signals with Hubble and Grafana

One of the most important thing when running applications in an environment like Kubernetes is to have good observability and deep insights.

However, for many organizations it can be challenging to update existing applications to provide the observability you need. With Cilium, you can use the Hubble Layer 7 visibility functionality to get Prometheus metrics for your application without having to modify it at all.

In this lab you will learn how Cilium can provide metrics for an existing application with and without tracing functionality, and how you can use Grafana dashboards provided by Cilium to gain insight into how your application is behaving.

VersionOpen Source

Main steps in the lab

01📈 Visualize HTTP metrics in Grafana

Observe HTTP Golden Signal in Grafana

02🚚 Throughput

Get it through!

03💥 Errors


04⏲️ Latency

So slow....

Grafana + Cilium: eBPF-powered Observability

Grafana Labs announces partnership with Isovalent to bring Cilium's eBPF-powered observability for kubernetes and cloud native infrastructure.

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