Cilium Transparent Encryption with IPSec and WireGuard

Encryption is required for many compliance frameworks. Kubernetes doesn’t natively offer pod-to-pod encryption. To offer encryption capabilities, it’s often required to implement it directly into your applications or deploy a Service Mesh. Both options add complexity and operational headaches.

Cilium actually provides two options to encrypt traffic between Cilium-managed endpoints: IPsec and WireGuard. In this lab, you will be installing and testing both features and will get to experience how easy it is to encrypt data in transit with Cilium.

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Main steps in the lab

01🚀 The Lab Environment

Explore the lab's environment

02 ⬢ Transparent Encryption with IPsec on Cilium

Let's install Cilium on the cluster and set up IPsec for Transparent Encryption.

03🔐 Managing Transparent Encryption with IPsec on Cilium

Now that we have installed IPSec, let's look at Day 2 Operations.

04🐲 Cilium WireGuard

Let's encrypt pod-to-pod traffic using Cilium's Transparent Encryption WireGuard feature!