Migrating from Calico

Migrating to Cilium from another CNI is a very common task. But how do we minimize the impact during the migration? How do we ensure pods on the legacy CNI can still communicate to Cilium-managed during pods during the migration? How do we execute the migration safely, while avoiding a overly complex approach or using a separate tool such as Multus?

With the use of the new Cilium CRD CiliumNodeConfig, running clusters can be migrated on a node-by-node basis, without disrupting existing traffic or requiring a complete cluster outage or rebuild.

In this lab, you will migrate your cluster from Calico to Cilium.

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Main steps in the lab

01🚀 The Lab Environment

Explore the lab's environment

02🗂️ Cluster Preparation

Let's prepare our cluster for the migration to Cilium.

03🚚 Migration

Let's migrate from Calico to Cilium.

04🏢 Post-Migration

Let's perform these steps once the cluster is fully migrated.