Cilium IPv6 Networking and Observability

Learn how simple IPv6 can be installed and operated with Cilium and Hubble.

With Kubernetes’ IPv6 support improving in recent releases and Dual Stack Generally Available in Kubernetes 1.23, it’s time to learn about IPv6 on Kubernetes.

You might be wondering “How on Earth am I going to be able to operate this?”

Good news – you’re in the right place.

This lab will walk you through how to deploy a IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Kubernetes cluster and install Cilium and Hubble to benefit from their networking and observability capabilities. In particular, visibility of IPv6 flows is absolutely essential.

IPv6’s slow adoption is primarily caused by fears it would be hard to operate and manage. As you will see, a tool such as Hubble will help operators visualize and understand their IPv6 network better.

VersionOpen Source

Main steps in the lab

01🏛️ The Lab Environment

Explore the lab's environment

02⬢ Install Cilium and Hubble

Let's install Cilium and Hubble on the cluster, with IPv6 enabled

03🚀 Deploying a Dual Stack demo app

Let's deploy the demo app!

04🔍 Observe IPv6 flows

Let's use Hubble to observe IPv6 flows.