Cilium Gateway API

In this short lab, you will learn about Gateway API, a new Kubernetes standard on how to route traffic into a Kubernetes cluster. The Gateway API is the next generation of the Ingress API.

Gateway API addresses some the Ingress limitations by providing an extensible, role-based and generic model to configure advanced L7 traffic routing capabilities into a Kubernetes cluster.

In this lab, you will learn how you can use the Cilium Gateway API functionality to route HTTP and HTTPS traffic into your Kubernetes-hosted application, including load balancing / traffic splitting and TLS passthrough or termination.

VersionOpen Source

Main steps in the lab

01🏛️ The Lab Environment

Explore the lab's environment

02🌐 Gateway API — HTTP Path & Header Example

Let's use our Gateway API to route HTTP traffic into our cluster, based on HTTP Path or HTTP Header.

03🌐 Gateway API — Traffic splitting

Now, let's use our Gateway API to split traffic traffic between two Services.

04⚙️ Gateway API — TLS Termination and Passthrough Examples

Finally, use Gateway API to route HTTPS traffic into our cluster.

Advanced Gateway API lab

In this lab, you will learn some advanced use cases for the Cilium Gateway API.

Advanced Gateway API lab