Cilium Hands-On Workshop & Deep Dive Oslo

Learn operational knowledge from the experts

You are invited to join experts from Isovalent, Sopra Steria and Microsoft to learn more about Cilium in a two day workshop in Oslo. 

Cilium Hands-On Workshop & Deep Dive Oslo
Auditorium @ Dronning Eufemias Gate 16

0191 Oslo, Norway

Meet us in Oslo to network and learn together with your local Cilium community. 

As part of AKS and the creator of the well-known “Sidecarless Service Mesh”, Cilium is powering the world’s largest enterprises with Cloud Native Networking, Security, and Observability stacks. 

Isovalent has joined forces with Sopra Steria and Microsoft to organize 2 half-day workshops and deep dives where we will spend two 4 hour days in presentations, demos, and hands-on labs around Cilium.

Even if you can’t make it to both days, you are welcome to join for just one. After the hard work is over, we’ll have plenty of drinks and bites to conclude the day on a high note and get to know each other.


Do you also want to join the Oslo Cilium Meetup in the evening of December 7?  Please RSVP here. 


Youssef Azrak

Youssef Azrak

Senior Solutions Architect, Isovalent

Raymond de Jong

Raymond de Jong

Field CTO, Isovalent 

Tom Stian Berget

Tom Stian Berget

Senior Consultant, Sopra Steria 

Emil Brasø

Emil Brasø

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Sopra Steria 


Day 1 (starting at 13:00): 

Introduction & Welcome

  • Batuhan Uslu & Raymond de Jong (Isovalent) - 5min
  • Emil Braso & Tom Stian Berget (Sopra Steria) - 5min
  • Maxim Salnikov (Microsoft) - 5min

Cilium & eBPF Introduction - Presentation (45 min)

  • Lab: Getting Started with Cilium OSS (~45 min) 

Observability to Enforcement - Presentation & Demo (30 min)

  • Lab: Isovalent Cilium Enterprise: Network Policies (~45 min)
  • Lab: Isovalent Cilium Enterprise: Security Visibility (~45 min)

Networking (drinks and bites)

Day 2 (starting at 13:00): 

Cilium Cluster Mesh - Presentation (20 min)

  • Lab: Cilium Cluster Mesh  (~45 min)

Cilium Service Mesh -  Presentation (30 min)

  • Lab: Getting started with Cilium: Service Mesh (~45 min)

Tetragon - Runtime Security and Runtime Observability Intro (10 min)

  • Lab: Security Observability with eBPF and Cilium Tetragon (~45 min)

Networking (drinks and bites)


Optional (if we have time left on either day1 or day 2)

Load Balancing and BGP with Cilium

  • Lab: Getting Started with BGP on Cilium (~45 min)