How the Hive Came to Bee: A Technical Deep Dive of eBPF

An eBPF webinar series: Evolution, adoption, technical deep dive, and use cases, from the core eBPF and Cilium team at Isovalent.

In this second session we will focus on a technical deep dive of eBPF and learn about its inner workings.

How the Hive Came to Bee

eBPF: From the Creators' Viewpoint

Join our webinar series where we cover eBPF from the creator’s viewpoint! Hear more about the evolution, adoption, inner workings and the game changing nature of eBPF. Learn how it all fits together and how eBPF is used in real-world scenarios, all from the co-founders and creators of eBPF at Isovalent. 

In this session: A Technical Deep Dive of eBPF 
Join us for the second session of our eBPF Creators webinar series to learn how eBPF works at the kernel level. You will learn how eBPF functions under the hood, discuss the internal workings, and see “how things are actually done” with eBPF.


Daniel Borkmann

Daniel Borkmann

Software Engineer, Co-creator and co-maintainer eBPF and Cilium

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