GitOps and CI/CD Integration

Ensure control while granting application teams self-service management of network policies.
GitOps and CI/CD Integration

Cilium provides insights into security risks that arise with GitOps's unique ability to treat everything as code.

Multi tenant vs strict control

  • Multi-tenancy is typical for enterprise environments.
  • Each app has a unique set of services and security requirements.
  • SecOps-teams want secure environments and they don’t want to troubleshoot all policies.
  • How to provide app developers what they want and need, without compromising the work of the operational team?

Constant insight into entire stack.

  • Security teams can define high-level properties via declarative configuration.
  • App teams can define app specific security policies.
  • CI/CD pipeline automatically checks app team policies against the SecOps properties.
  • Application teams are automatically notified in case of violations.
Enable self-service policies to application teams

Enable self-service policies to application teams

  • Multi-tenancy is extended to security policies, developers can safely own their security specifics.
  • Auto-deny rules ensure security-first approach right from the start.
  • Developer-friendly UI helps with simplified creation and management of network policies.
  • Automated processes ensure smooth operations even during conflicting policies, enabling close and frictionless team cooperation.

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GitOps CI-CD Policy Guardrails
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