Service communication and dependencies

Understand your workload - in detail!
Service communication and dependencies

Insights into workload communications on a protocol level

Troubleshooting K8s apps is hard

  • Troubleshooting can be challenging:
    • Is DNS working?
    • Is my app not working due to policies?
    • What were the latest policy related drops?
    • Is essential traffic between the service components dropped?
  • Answers are hard to track in logs.
  • Problems can originate from many different sources.

Detailed Service Map with flow data

  • Zero effort, automatic discovery of service map
  • Service dependency graph at L3/L4 and L7
  • DNS visibility
  • Data flow visibility and connection details, including detailed cloud native identity details like namespaces
  • RBAC enabled: provide visibility to teams in a self-service fashion

Understand your workload - in detail!

  • Simplify onboarding of new applications with instant service map and dependency graph
  • Speed up troubleshooting by enabling teams to troubleshoot their own workload and network connectivity problems
  • Improve your problem responsiveness by quickly assessing even complex communication and dependency patterns up to inner workings of the protocols

Hubble - eBPF-based Observability for Kubernetes

Troubleshooting network issues in Kubernetes often requires deep insight into different layers of your stack. Hubble is a new open-source observability platform that aims to assist you in understanding what is going on in all layers of your Kubernetes network. Based on the Cilium CNI and the Linux kernel eBPF technology, it is able to obtain fine-grained visibility into network traffic and applications behavior, with low overhead and without having to modify applications.

In this talk, you will get an introduction into Hubble, and the technologies that power it, the Cilium CNI and eBPF. You will be presented with practical examples of how Hubble can be used to interactively troubleshoot complex network issues. The talk will show how to write custom Hubble metrics which allow you to benefit from eBPF's superpowers without having to write or understand any kernel code.

Capital One Case Study

"We can also make this network visibility available for teams. The Hubble UI shows this really cool service map whereyou can see allowed curl is talking to nginx, the bad curl is not, and when we filter by denied traffic we can see because this is dropped and denied."

-- Bradley Whitfield, Senior Lead Platform Engineer

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