Golden Signals

Monitor golden signals in Kubernetes application workloads
Golden Signals

Monitor golden signals in Kubernetes application workloads, powered by Cilium and eBPF

Signal vs Noise

  • Overwhelming amount of data available.
  • Hard to find the right data during application troubleshooting.
  • Microservice architecture are even harder to monitor due to the added architectural overhead.
  • Application monitoring and troubleshooting can become tedious due to lack of insight and overlooking important warning data.

eBPF offers the insight you need

  • eBPF-based Cilium provides cloud native insight into application operations.
  • Monitoring of rich application metrics without impact on performance or architecture.
  • Tracking of HTTP return codes, connection latency, package drops, used TLS ciphers, connection saturation, and more.
  • Export application health metrics to Prometheus for visualizaiton in Grafana.
openshift golden signals

A holistic view for application owners

  • Measuring and monitoring application KPIs in self-service fashion for individual tenants.
  • Simplified tracking of issues in application services, causing reduced service and application availability.
  • Ensuring network and security visibility across the application stack.
  • Supporting application troubleshooting in providing the right metrics in all the noise.

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