Forensics & Incident Response

Conducting forensics helps you better understand security breaches and recover quickly.
Forensics & Incident Response

Accelerate app issue investigation, provide network visibility, and enable threat detection

Forensics: Speed and Observability

  • Security incidents will happen.
  • Without the cloud native aware tooling, no proper data are available, and no investigation is possible.
  • Analysis often starts with app teams - they need proper access to data.

Enable incident response teams

  • Multi-tenancy access to network data flows and process execution tree for the corresponding services.
  • Deep insight into network flows from L3/L4 up to L7.
  • Runtime visibility from OS up to code executions in the pod.
  • Storage of data for long-time analysis.
  • UI and CLI for easy usage and integration with other tooling.
Enable cloud native security analysis

Enable cloud native security analysis

  • Security analysis with native understanding of cloud native identities.
  • Visibility across the cluster, through the stack.
  • Simple tooling for easy usage and for integration with other tools and services.
  • Enabling network threat detection in an environment with ephemeral IPs and workloads.