Isovalent & Grafana: A match made in Hive-an!

Grafana Labs and Isovalent bring Cilium integration for eBPF-powered Observability  

Learn how Isovalent & Grafana team up to provide powerful observability for service connectivity, made possible by innovations at the Linux kernel layer eBPF, with eBPF and Cilium, led by Isovalent.

Isovalent & Grafana: A match made in Hive-an!

Why is this a match made in Hive-an?

With the shift to architecting applications as API-driven services, understanding the health and performance of the connectivity layer between apps is more critical than ever. Traditional mechanisms like network monitoring devices or cloud provider network flow logs fall short because they either require application modifications or rely on sidecar-based service meshes that affect performance.

  • Grafana is partnering with Isovalent to enable deep insights for the connectivity between applications running on Kubernetes.
  • The combination of Grafana + Isovalent simplifies achieving consistent observability across all types of underlying private and public cloud infrastructure.