Putting the "Om" in Compliance: Zen and the Art of Cilium Enterprise

Isovalent and ControlPlane have co-authored a white paper on how to use Cilium for solving NIST and other compliance frameworks in cloud-native environments

Sorry for the inconvenience – this event has been cancelled. You can still read the whitepaper and stay informed on the topic there.

Putting the "Om" in Compliance: Zen and the Art of Cilium Enterprise
  • Thursday, April 25

    13:00 – 21:00 BST

    Borough Foraspace180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB United Kingdom

Join us in London for this special in-person training and meetup with Liz Rice and Andrew Martin

Solving the security and management of dynamic Kubernetes environments is challenging for security and compliance teams. Traditional solutions fall short of addressing the complexities inherent in cloud native systems: securing ephemeral IPs, dynamic pod lifecycles, and future-aligned network configurations.


Join us in the UK for a workshop and discussion on cloud native compliance and security. We start the afternoon with a sneak peek of a live threat modelling session focused on Kubernetes, cloud networking, and security topologies, along with discussions which strategies or approaches to choose for resolution in complex environments, delivered by ControlPlane SMEs. Attendees are encouraged to bring their hardest security challenges for discussion, brainstorming, and an examination of best-practice solutions.


In the evening we will host a presentation of the white paper and an AMA discussion on challenges in cloud native security with Andrew Martin, Founder & CEO at ControlPlane and Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer, at Isovalent.


Please reach out to marketing@isovalent.com.



  • 13:30

    Registrations for afternoon workshop

    Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance in Kubernetes & Cloud Native Environments – workshop (ControlPlane)

  • 14:00

    Workshop part 1

  • 15:30

    Networking break

  • 15:45

    Workshop part 2

  • 17:30

    End workshop

  • 17:45

    Registrations for evening meetup

    Mastering Cilium for Kubernetes Environments: Expert Whitepaper Overview (Isovalent & ControlPlane)

  • 18:00

    Welcome drinks

  • 18:30

    Mastering Cilium for Kubernetes Compliance: Solving NIST and Other Compliance Frameworks in Cloud Native Environments

  • 19:15

    Q&A with Andrew Martin and Liz Rice

  • 20:00

    Networking & refreshment

  • 21:00

    End program


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Mastering Cilium for Kubernetes Compliance

Read the Cilium white paper from Isovalent and ControlPlane, solving NIST and other compliance frameworks in cloud-native environments.  The executive summary below maps out the scope and importance of this white paper for technical audiences and leadership teams. This guide is framed around the NIST 800 controls as a way to dive into specific feature-to-control relationships, and is written to be applicable and foundational across any compliance framework. Download now and get a deep, technical understanding of the future of cloud-native compliance, regardless of which compliance framework you are looking to solve!