Isovalent Security Summer School 2023!

Isovalent Security Summer School 2023!

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Why join?

- Level-up your security skills with hands-on workshops
- Complete 3 sessions and earn a swag box 


  • Session 1:Network Policies and Cilium Tetragon Sign up
  • Session 2:Transparent encryption and Late Process executionSign up
  • Session 3:Zero trust and TLS VisibilitySign up

Security Summer School

Join us for an immersive learning experience and enhance your Kubernetes security skills.

  • Who should attend?

    The sessions are for Kubernetes operators, security practitioners, secops, and everyone who wants to learn more about K8s security with Cilium.

  • Prerequisites

    To successfully run the sessions, we recommend that you have basic understanding of Kubernetes networking, and at least know where Cilium fits in. If you want to refresh your knowledge, you are invited to complete our Cilium Getting Started lab!

  • How it works?

    - There are 3 sessions (you need to sign up for each separately) - During each session choose between 2 topics: Network Security or Security Observability - Complete 3 sessions and earn a swag box! - Can’t make all sessions? No problem, you can still earn badges for select labs.

  • What you will learn

    Network Security - Networking with Kubernetes can be challenging, learn how Cilium can help you with securing your Kubernetes traffic on and between the nodes and how it can help you measure your Zero Trust implementation. Security Observability - Cilium and Tetragon can give you the data needed to make security decisions, learn how with practical examples focussing on container escapes, late process execution, and TLS ciphers.

Refresh your knowledge about Cilium

Complete the Getting Started with Cilium lab to gain a basic understanding of Kubernetes networking and where Cilium fits in.

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