Form3: Prepare for the multi-cloud with Cilium on Kubernetes

In this video, learn how Cilium on Kubernetes helps a payment processing platform to build a cloud agnostic environment for developers while ensuring high throughput, reliability, and simplified maintenance.

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Form3: Prepare for the multi-cloud with Cilium on Kubernetes

In this video, Kevin Holditch from Form3 explains how they built a cloud agnostic, multi-cloud environment on Kubernetes with Cilium while complying to the high standards of the payment processing industry.

When you are working with the big tier 1 banks and have to go multi-cloud, you need something reliable, that offers all necessary features, and that is also good to maintain. For developers, the result should feel the same, no matter what cloud runs underneath. Form3 went with Kubernetes, an obvious choice – and they chose Cilium as a common CNI to connect the clusters and manage the network. The inbuilt observability via Hubble was used to aid troubleshooting and monitor the traffic flow.

Tune in to learn from Kevin how Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium enabled Form3 to build a multi-cloud platform, run it across on-premises and public cloud, and maintain reliability and performance while doing so. You will learn:

  • … how Cilium network policies can be key in such a project.
  • … how Cilium helps to avoid the need to deploy an additional service mesh with side cars.
  • … how simple maintenance becomes with Cilium, when one site can just be taken down easily.
  • … what great help Hubble is when you have to debug cross-cloud networking problems.
  • … how easy it is to encrypt the network traffic with transparent encryption via IPSEC to fulfil compliance and security rules. After all, we are talking about a lot of money here! ???? 


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