Isovalent Hive Mind Mingle Amsterdam

Begin your week at KubeCon Europe at the legendary Hive Mind Mingle in the company of great minds in the cloud native infrastructure space.

Isovalent Hive Mind Mingle Amsterdam
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023

    19:00 – 22:00

    CIELO Skybar AmsterdamEduard van Beinumstraat 40, 1077 CZ Amsterdam, 19th floor

You are invited:

Waitlist has now been turned on for the event, please join the waitlist if you are interested in going as we are working on the event capacity!  


Hive Mind is a casual walk-around dinner and mingle co-located to KubeCon Europe and other events to meet and exchange ideas in the cloud native infrastructure space.

Isovalent is passionate about bettering the building blocks of infrastructure in the cloud native space. This requires a community of inspirational and influential minds. As such, we are trying to bring together the most interesting people we can find in various cities over a great walk around meal to discuss, network, and exchange ideas and celebrate a swarm intelligence spirit.

Our goal is to help build meaningful relationships and meaningful understanding of what it takes to build great infrastructure and use it purposefully.

Join us in CIELO Skybar Amsterdam with beautiful views of Amsterdam’s skyline and enjoy drinks and appetizers while socializing with leading Cilium and eBPF industry experts and community members.

We look forward to seeing you onsite!

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