Virtual Cilium Security Workshop

Tetragon, Zero Trust and visibility

Join us for a session full of Cilium and security, and learn more about how Cilium and Tetragon can help you with your day to day challenges and secure your cloud native stack. Get hands-on with our labs and earn a Cilium badge to add to your Credly and LinkedIn account.

Virtual Cilium Security Workshop
  • Wednesday, March 1

    9AM US Pacific | 5PM GMT | 6PM CET (1.5 hours)


How Cilium helps with security

In cloud native environments, with shared infrastructure and multi-tenant workloads, security is a must. Cilium can help on multiple levels: zero-trust network policies,  SIEM-export of insights based on cloud native identities, transparent encryption and of course security visibility with Tetragon.

In this session you will learn: 

  • What are Cilium’s security capabilities? What they can do, and what it means for the security challenges in daily operations.
  • Gain first-hand experience with the Zero Trust network policy visibility lab session

The event will finish with an exam after the lab where you have the opportunity to earn a Cilium badge to put on your Credly and LinkedIn account.

Workshop instructors:

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