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There is so much you can do with Cilium! Start your discovery of Cilium today, with a hands-on discovery lab tailored to your persona. Pick the Cilium eBee type below that best suits you, and the corresponding hands-on lab will give you a quick 15 minute overview of the features and benefits that are most relevant for you.

Platform eBee

I'm a Platform Engineer. I make sure my clusters run smoothly for my developers. I focus on service mesh, Ingress routing and observability.

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SecOps eBee

I'm a SecOps Engineer. I care about securing my clusters with the right network policies, detecting container runtime anomalies and ensuring mutual authentication and encryption in my clusters.

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Cloud Network eBee

I’m a Cloud Network Engineer. I’m responsible for choosing the best CNI for my cluster, connecting it to the network and meshing clusters together.

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