Partner Deal Registration

  • Priority consideration

    Your registered leads will be prioritized, ensuring that your opportunities are taken seriously and managed efficiently.

  • Protected opportunities

    We safeguard your efforts by locking in the registered leads. We will not approach your lead without alignment.

  • Collaborative approach

    We believe in winning together. Our team works in tandem with our partners to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Deal Registration Timeline

After your deal is registered, the following timeline applies

  • 2 business days

    Once the details are submitted

    Our dedicated team reviews the information and decides on the approval or denial within two business days.

  • 0-90 days

    First Meeting & Additional Qualification

    After the deal is registered, we expect the first meeting and additional qualification to occur within 90 days. This stage helps us better understand the potential customer and the deal's specifics.

  • 6 months

    Validity of Deal Registration

    Each deal registration is valid for six months from the approval date. This period is typically sufficient to close most deals. However, we understand that some situations might necessitate more time.

  • > 6 months

    Extension of Deal Registration

    If necessary, the deal registration can be extended beyond six months. Please contact us before the expiration of your deal registration if you believe an extension is required.

Respect for Partnership

At Isovalent, we deeply value the relationships with our partners. As such, we maintain a strict policy of not engaging with a customer without first aligning with the registering partner. This policy protects the integrity of our partnerships and ensures that all leads are managed correctly and professionally.