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About Isovalent

Isovalent is the company founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF. Isovalent builds open-source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure. The flagship technology, Cilium, is the choice of leading global organizations, including Adobe, AWS, Capital One, Datadog, GitLab, Google, and many more. Isovalent is headquartered in Cupertino, CA and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google, M12 (Microsoft), Grafana Labs and Cisco Investments.

About The Role

The Cilium team is a distributed group of subject matter experts in Kubernetes, Cloud Native technologies and networking. We are looking for someone to focus on the full life cycle of Cilium’s integrations with the big 3 cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). The scope ranges from specific features within Cilium to automating publishing on their marketplace. Our goal is for both our OSS users and Enterprise customers to have the best experience possible running Cilium in the environment of their choosing.

Core Values

Mutual Respect

Respect leads to trust, trust leads to a working environment that is safe to grow and innovate in. Mutual respect is at the heart of everything we do on a daily basis. We respect all opinions. We listen. We respect the boundaries of everyone and understand that they are different for everyone. We are inclusive in everything we do. Not everyone feels the same way about speaking up in a meeting. We respect that and find ways to include everybody to not lose a single drop of wisdom. We respect people having different hours where they are most productive. We help each other out even if something is not going according to plan. We understand that this trust and respect will always be mutual.

Open-Source & Transparency

The company’s engineering culture has grown from years of open-source culture. Openness and transparency are central to the success of our engineering team. This influences everything from committing to an open-source business model and maximizing the amount of code we open-source while guaranteeing business success, transparency, and inclusion in all decision making, all the way to an open debating culture where expressing different perspectives and opinions is encouraged and safe.

Work - Adventure Balance

A startup with talented engineers can be challenging. A lot is going on. Almost everything we do is highly visible by the public. Everything is fast moving and the next big success and big impact moment is always just a sprint away. That can be incredibly exciting and rewarding for you individually and for the entire team. At the same time, it is also demanding and it will draw energy. Cherish the rewarding moments, fight hard for them but also take time to recharge and balance your life. There is no single recipe for great balance, you have to find and maintain it individually. We are here to support each other in that personal balance.

Personal Growth

What growth means exactly will be different for all of us. It may involve growing your technical skills, achieving projects to inspire others or get recognized in the broader open-source community, growing your non-technical skills, working more with other peers and achieving more as a team, leveling-up your compensation, or achieving the ideal work - life balance you always wanted. Your goals are individual and as Isovalent we will do our best to help you achieve your personal growth goals, as individual as they might be.



  • Development of release automation, testing, and integrations for the AKS, GKE, EKS, EKS-A and OpenShift environments.

  • Work with our cloud partners to improve Cilium’s usage on their platform.

  • Development of high-quality code in Go for the Cilium open source projects while following open source development principles and best practices.

  • Possibility to actively participate in the open source community and to speak at public conferences about achievements (if desired)


  • Experience integrating with AKS, GKE or EKS ecosystems, OpenShift is a plus

  • Multiple years of experience with Go.

  • C and eBPF knowledge is a plus.

  • Strong experience with Kubernetes, Helm, container runtimes and other cloud-native components.

  • Desire to write high quality and efficient code.

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