Engineering Manager

Remote - European timezone preferred



Engineering Managers at Isovalent are responsible for leading the engineers in our different verticals. Vertical is essentially a large technical area like a data plane or control plane. Together with the vertical leads, our managers hold responsibility for keeping the team focused on the most high-value projects, identifying bottlenecks and roadblocks, and working with the team on clearing these.

Engineering Managers have a large impact on the success of our organization as a whole, by helping their people grow and succeed at what they do, and by growing their teams when necessary.


The role is remote. Our team is mostly split between Europe and the Americas. For this position, we are looking for someone located around the European timezone, as most reports will be in Europe, with a few in the Americas. Up to GMT-6 would be acceptable.


  • Primary engineering manager for one specific vertical

  • Track progress on projects, help engineers grow their project management skills
  • Hire new vertical members when necessary

  • Grow and mentor vertical and technical leaders

  • Deliver continuous feedback and performance review of engineers, with input from vertical leads and senior leadership

  • Preserve the engineering culture as we scale out the team

  • Being a role model of company culture and values


Required Experience

  • Strong technical background and good understanding of cloud native technologies

  • Knowledge of Linux, Kubernetes and the networking stack

  • Software engineering experience

  • Experience of interacting and working with customers

  • Experience managing independent, strong, and diverse teams

  • Strong understanding of customer value

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