Director of Engineering Americas



The director of engineering is responsible for a geographic region respectively timezone and leads engineering efforts across multiple verticals and teams.

Given Isovalent’s remote team strategy, the engineering organisation is highly dependent on strong, independent, and experienced engineering leaders able to execute in individual timezones. The Director of Engineering works closely with the VP of Engineering to provide leadership across all involved timezones. Given Isovalent’s VP of Engineering resides in Central European timezone, the Director of Engineering for Americas is exceptionally important. 


The role is remote, but the Director of Engineering for Americas should be located in the US timezone. East Coast, with more overlap with European timezones, is preferable but not required. 


  • Primary engineering manager for US timezone based engineers across verticals

  • Close relationship with European timezone Director of Engineering 

  • Grow and mentor vertical and technical leaders to help them grow into the continuously expanding role

  • Coordination and oversight responsibility for all engineering hiring in the US timezone

  • Leading customer support engagements in the US timezone to coordinate across verticals

  • Performance review and benchmarking of all US timezone based engineers together with vertical leads and VP of engineering

  • Preserve the engineering culture as we scale out the team. Closely working together with the Head of Culture

  • Being a role model of company culture and values


Required Experience

  • Strong technical background and understanding of cloud technologies

    • Knowledge of networking stack 

    • Proficiency in Cloud Native Technologies 

    • A Kernel development knowledge is a plus

  • Software engineering and customer facing experience

  • Proven track record of building independent, strong, and diverse teams

  • Strong understanding of customer value

  • Building individual relationships with with all US timezone based engineers to identify and resolve team conflicts

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