Announcing the eBeeDex!

Apr 14, 2023Cilium
Announcing the eBeeDex!

Today we are announcing a new project, the eBeeDex!  The eBeeDex is a GitHub repository hosting all the eBPF eBees that have been spotted in the wild.

At Isovalent, we BEE-lieve in eBPF so much that we’ve taken the project’s official mascot, eBee, to heart and created an entire hive of eBee characters to work together. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the Isovalent worker bees buzzing around in conference talk slides, making an appearance in blog posts, or as stickers at conference booth tables (if you made it to our booth before we ran out!) We love using these bees to help get the buzz out about the work going on inside the Isovalent hive. And from what we can tell, everyone in the community has loved them as well. 

We decided to create the eBeeDex to catalog all the eBee subspecies we’ve seen. Each character in the eBeeDex has its own unique backstory telling what it brings to the hive. They’re licensed under CC-BY-NC, so people can further share and modify these images to grow the buzz. We’ve made a good start and documented some of the bee subspecies pollinating the community today.  However, the hive is always expanding and we’re still looking to add to the eBeeDex. If you know of an eBee avatar that we haven’t captured yet, please let us know by adding an issue or PR in the repository.

And don’t forget to stop by our booth at KubeCon to pick up new stickers based on the eBeeDex listings. I’m not saying you have to catch them all (as that might be a little too on the nose), but they are cool stickers and any strong desire you may feel to catch them all is completely understandable.

Jef Spaleta
AuthorJef SpaletaTechnical Community Advocate