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A Season Of Cilium: One Surprise Every Day

Raphaël Pinson
Raphaël Pinson
Nico Vibert
Nico Vibert
Published: Updated: Cilium
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What better way to get started for 2024 than ending 2023 in style? Join the Season of Cilium festive challenge, learn with others, and build up your skills for the future!

As kids, we used to look forward to December. Not just Christmas, but the weeks leading up to it. Growing up in France, we would, on every 1st December, get an “Advent calendar” made out of cardboard or wood, with numbered doors for each date, starting with 1st December.

On each day, we would open the door and find a little surprise —a little toy, a chocolate, some candy— and it remains a fond childhood memory.

We thought we would recreate that experience, but for anyone who wants to learn and improve their Cilium knowledge.

With Cilium becoming the first graduated CNCF Cloud Networking project and the Cilium Certified Associate exam beta starting soon, learning Cilium has never been so relevant.
And it’s never been as easy!

On every day over the course of the month, you will open a new door to some Cilium knowledge, and learn a new aspect, feature, or use case of Cilium, Tetragon, or eBPF.

A Season of Cilium - Access the Calendar

But what might be behind each door?

Without spoiling the surprise, let’s say that many days will involve a hands-on challenge.

Learning By Doing

We started our online lab programs about 18 months ago. The collection initially started with a “Getting Started with Cilium lab” and since then, we’ve been busy creating (and maintaining!) labs.

The World of Cilium now offers 32 public labs (yes, we also have some private and exclusive labs for our customers covering advanced topics such as data path and IP address Management modes); with 20 of them offering badges on completion of the challenge that concludes the lab.

We also built learning paths to provide you with a track of labs adapted to your particular role.

In 2023, over 30,000 lab sessions have been played by more than 11,000 engineers, earning more than 5,000 Credly badges! And the feedback has been amazing as well, with all labs scoring over 4.5 stars in reviews.

But that’s not the only content you will find in the Season of Cilium calendar!

Learning By Watching

Over 60 new videos have been published and our YouTube channel looks slicker than ever. We have short videos you can watch while on your commute but we also have deep dive hour-long videos on Cilium’s architecture.

And of course, we now have the eBPF documentary, which provides a great insight into why Cilium is so powerful. Make sure you head over to the YouTube channel and press that Subscribe button 🔔.

Learning By Reading

Of course, many of you simply might just want to rest your eyes over the course of the holidays and stop looking at screens. For you – and for your kids – there are two new eBPF books that came out this year:

And if that’s not enough reading, we’ve also published dozens of tutorials, blog posts and case studies to help you get the most out of Cilium.

Happy Learning!

Join us this season in this festive challenge full of Cilium surprises by accessing the Season of Cilium calendar!

Learn with others by sharing your learning experiences on the Cilium Slack or on social media by using the #SeasonOfCilium hashtag!

Raphaël Pinson
AuthorRaphaël PinsonSenior Technical Marketing Engineer
Nico Vibert
AuthorNico VibertSenior Staff Technical Marketing Engineer

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