Cilium's Evolution: The Story So Far

A webinar series in 3 parts, Exploring Cilium: The Evolution, Technical Deep Dive, and Real-world Use Cases

Cilium's Evolution: The Story So Far

These days, Cilium is here to stay. But how did it all start?

Join Thomas Graf, co-founder of Cilium, and learn the story of Cilium: how it all got started, why the project was open from day one, how the first conferences went, and how the project has developed over the years.

Learn why Cilium revolutionized the way we think about containers, how it is reshaping our perception of service mesh, and what may be in store for its future.

You will learn: 

  • The origin story of Cilium and how it got started.
  • The reasons why Cilium was open from the beginning.
  • Insights into how Cilium has developed over the years and its impact on the way we think about containers and service mesh.


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